Friday, May 16, 2008

Menthol cigarettes are as harmful as ordinary cigarettes

Menthol Cigarettes

American scientists have studied menthol cigarettes. The experts identified curious detail - it's twice more difficult to quit smoking menthol cigarettes than ordinary cigarettes.

63% of 1535 smokers said that they prefer menthol cigarettes. Scientists have found that almost half of those who tried to quit, returned to cigarettes.

Scientists have also found out that young unemployed women experience addiction to menthol cigarettes mostly. Quit smoking menthol cigarettes is twice harder than usual cigarettes. The recent study shows that fact.

Menthol cigarettes are as harmful as ordinary cigarettes. Specialists say that the best way to quit smoking menthol cigarettes is to shift to ordinary cigarettes and than try to quit.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Adding Blogger Sitemap To Google.

I'm sorry for the Offtop. The reason i post this is a lot of topics with problems how to add Blogger Sitemap to Google.
So here is my variant:

1. Create Google webmaster tools account if You don't have one.
2. Add Site
3. Verify it
4. Add Sitemap: Sitemaps>Add a Site Map>Add General Web Site Map> copy-paste the following code:


Where 500 is the number of links to be indexed in your blog. You can write 1000 f.e. if Your blog has more than 500 links.
It works. No problem with invalid xml format or Feedburner Link Errors.

Here we go, enjoy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cigarette Sales of Altria.

Altria Tobacco Company

One of the biggest tobacco companies Altria announced that it would reduce the volume of export cigarettes from America to Europe (to 57 billion cigarettes per year) and switch to supplies from other countries from its 42 factories around the world. The largest cigarette and tobacco factories are located in the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Ukraine. Last year 831.4 billion cigarettes were produced by Altria Tobacco Company.

Sales of cigarettes and tobacco at European and Latin American markets are falling slowly ( 0.9% and 2.6% respectively for the last year), in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa up to 0.8%. As for Asia cigarette sales are growing rapidly - by 15.9%.

Sales of tobacco products in the U.S. fell by 3.3% for the last year.

The share of Philip Morris International in the world market for cigarettes is 15.4%, but it will change shortly.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cigarettes Smoking and Tobacco

Tobacco kills smokers. This is the only product that even in small doses adversely affects health. In general, smokers die 10 years earlier than non-smokers. Smoking reduces potency, not to mention yellow skin, bad smell from mouth. Tobacco is the reason of many diseases. Smoking causes at least 90% of lung cancer, 15-20% of other cancers, 75% of chronic bronchitis and lung emphysemas, 25% of deaths from cardiovascular diseases.

Smoking damages health and kills people around the smoker. Passive smoking shortens life in average by 5 years.

Smoking kills and harms the health of children. Smoking before and especially during pregnancy, when breastfeeding greatly harms the health of child, and also increases the risk of several diseases throughout his life.

Smoking causes severe addiction, comparable in strength with heroin. According to a study of one of the world's largest tobacco companies (Imperial Tobacco, in 1989): "43% of smokers tried to quit smoking, but only 1.8% have succeeded. 72% of women who stopped smoking during pregnancy resume smoking after giving birth.

There is no safe tobacco. The impact of "light", "mild" cigarettes and other has no different from any other cigarette, it is only tobacco companies' marketing move aimed at deceiving smokers.

Marketing moves tobacco companies is extremely subtle. This advertising and entertainment at sporting events, and in colored magazines, the distribution of cigarettes in the streets, an indirect advertising in the movies. Tobacco companies intimidate owners of restaurants that smoking bans would lead to lower attendance and thus reduce profits.

Is Smoking free choice? Tobacco companies argue that smoking is a human right. Ask your friends smokers if they would like to quit smoking. Ask them what they knew about the dangers of smoking at a time when they started smoking. Ask those who live near smokers whether they are pleased to breathe cigarettes smoke and see cigarette butts under their feet.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cigarette Sales in Japan.

Cigarette Cards

Each smoker in Japan will soon be forced to present a special plastic card with a photograph and a microchip to buy cigarettes and tobacco.

The decision to introduce such a system was adopted by tobacco companies associations, led by tobacco giant Japan Tobacco to tighten rules of cigarette sales.

Each tobacco manufacturers has to take special measures to protect cigarettes sales to minors.

Tobacco cards will be available free of charge in a specially organised centres where each smoker can provide a photo and a copy of any identity cards specifying the date of birth.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Chewing Tobacco and Ordinary Cigarettes

Us scientists found out that smokeless tobacco contains more carcinogens and increases the risk of cancer in comparison with ordinary cigarettes.

Researchers from the Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota found that inhaling or chewing tobacco increases the number of harmful molecules that cause pancreatic tumor, nasal mucosa.

As specialists inform, smokeless tobacco is no longer a safe alternative to regular smoking, it increases the risk of cancer.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cigarettes and Tobacco Online purchase.

At least four hundred sites on the World Wide Web offer cigarettes and tobacco without asking the age of customers. It should be noted that even the porn site owners interested in the age of buyers.

An interesting experiment was held by Kurt Ribisl in the University of North Carolina. Young volunteers were able to order cigarettes and tobacco products from the WWW. 83 attempts were taken, 92% of them were successful. Upon delivery of purchases, packages of cigarettes were often simply delivered to the customer's door.

Interesting fact, isn't it ?